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  • Agency: Market Gravity
  • Client: Argos - Sainsbury's Group
  • Date: September 2019

Make Sainsbury’s Group a credible beauty destination, offering a convenient alternative to other high street specialists. We want to take the confusion out of beauty and skincare, making it easy for customers to understand what they need and find what they want.

Our target customer is digitally savvy and spends time researching and shopping beauty online. For some products they want to talk to an expert in-store or try the product.

Main objectives:
  • Create an apporachable and inclusive experience
  • Communicate with a light-hearted tone of voice
  • Resonate with existing Argos and Sainsbury’s customers
  • Translate rich content across digital formats

Target customers

Spark my interest

We mapped the customer personas against their product preferences, their level of engagement and interest in beauty. And we identified the target customer as Spark my Interest.

They are very much open to digital engagement, willing to explore new products and be inspired by interesting content that feels relevant to them. They require a wide product range with good balance between premium and highstreet brands.

Main characteristics:
  • 50/50 Online and Instore purchase ratio
  • Online mainly buy skincare and personal grooming
  • Influenced by expert guidance and friends tips
  • Likely to abandon purchase if overwhelmed by choice

Design principles

We are not overly aspirational with imagery or messaging and we use clearly understandable language.
We design for customer with diffenrent levels of knowledge in beauty and skincare products.
Our experiences caters to a very diverse target customer, for age, gender, skin tone and concerns.
We break information down into simple steps. We have an opinion and our customers can share theirs.
Visual equilibrium
We stick to best practices and keep a good balance between videos, images and articles.
Light hearted
We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our customers will love our blithe spirit!

Proposition Design

Make beauty accessible for everyone

Beauty is about feeling great, not trying to look like someone else which is why we get our best beauty and skincare secrets from our millions beauty enthusiasts. Skincare and makeup don’t need to be complicated which is why we cut through the noise, helping customers find the right routine and providing clear how-to tutorials.

Key features:
  • Explore bite-sized content online
  • Find the perfect skincare routine
  • Earn rewards for every purchase
  • Get advice from the beauty community

CEX & MVP map

Experiment Design

Can Argos deliver the same experience?

We wanted to test if Argos was able to deliver the experience we ideated with our beauty concept proposition. So we created a series of experiments to validate: brand right to play, online experience and fulfillment. Some of these experiments are still ongoing at present.

Key findings:
  • The Argos brand generates a marmite effect
  • Customers recognise the convenience of the service
  • Info architecture and content are very well perceived
  • The new experience generated a 5% sales increase in 4 weeks.

The results of the experiments

We ran the experiments in cycles of for 4 weeks. Each cycle included multiples phases of design, testing, analysis and iteration.
Engagement increase
Sales increase
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