Sainsbury's - Intelligent Spend
Live healthily. Spend mindfully.

Concept App

  • Agency: Market Gravity
  • Client: Sainsbury's
  • Date: September 2019

Intelligent Spend is a concept within the finance territory of the Money Matters research mission, with an ambition of helping consumers better manage their spend, while reducing their mental burden and finding freedom to enjoy their money.

Main objectives:
  • Explore and understand customers spending habits
  • Promote healthy relationships with money
  • Make financial wellbeing achievable for our customers
  • Help them Live Well for Less for today and tomorrow

Defining the design target

Financial Freedom Seekers

We spoke to a range of customers from different demographics, and honed in on two customer profiles: Otherhood and Growing Families. We also segmented customers by their attitudes towards money and financial situation, identifying financial freedom seekers as those who present the greatest opportunity for Sainsbury’s.

We approached our customers from three different angles:

  1. Relationship with money - What are their attitude and behaviours?
  2. Values & Priorities - What is really important to our customers?
  3. Life stage - What are their aspirantions and goals?

1. Relationship with money
Financial Freedom Seekers
They have the potential to become more or less secure with money depending on how actively they manage their finances and how controlled they are with spending. This segment has enough variation in monthly spend to make the ‘insight to action’ approach very relevant.
2. Values & Priorities
Aspirations and wellbeing
Financial stability is only one part of what makes up our customers’ wellbeing. Taking inspiration from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, money is an enabler of physical and mental wellbeing which, in turn, unlocks potential to focus on greater passions and aspirations.
3. Life Stage
Growing families + Otherhood
Growing Families segment shares pain points with Otherhood, who are new to financial management and responsibilities. Typically underserved, there is an opportunity to engage with this segment for their acute budgeting needs, but challenger banks are targeting more affluent customers.

Proposition Design

Live healthily. Spend mindfully.

We built the Intelligent Spend proposition through co-creating with 15 customers in London and Coventry. We came up with a proposition that promises to deliver:

"Manage more than just your money. Make your budgeting purposeful by meeting your financial and health-related goals."
Key pillars:
  • Keep track of income and outgoings across all accounts, in one place.
  • Understand how much spending is essential vs non-essential.
  • See how much saving can be made just by changing spending habits.
  • Know the spending limits and feel better prepared for unexpected expenses.
  • Analyse all transactions to see where money goes, and make informed choices.


Safe to Spend

A clear visual representation of customers’ ‘safe to spend’ budget, which auto-calculates how much disposable income customers have to spend each month, by accounting for their direct debits and upcoming payments.

Spend Commitment

A tool that helps customers reduce their outgoings by making a commitment to cut back on a specific category or merchant, and motivating them by showing the impact of that commitment over a year.

Basket Breakdown

A tool that helps customers gain deep insight into their grocery spend, over time, so they can understand where they can make cost savings.

Intelligent Alternatives

Smart product alternatives recommended to customers according to their existing grocery shop data and their goals (budgeting, becoming healthier or reducing environmental impact).

Swipe your spend

A gamified activity that helps customers to understand how and where they spend their money, ultimately encouraging them to only spend on the things they really value.

Spending Lens

Analyses monthly spend across multiple categories to support customers in making informed decisions about where they can cut back on spending.

MVP Scenarios

Scenario 01 - Bank

Scenario 02 - Nectar

Scenario 03 - Supermarket

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