Elekta - Treatment Experience
Patient-centred treatment experience built on empathy

Patient-centred treatment experience built on empathy

  • Agency: frog - London
  • Client: Elekta
  • Date: November 2020
A shift from performing treatment to delivering care

The treatment experience is by no means a singular transaction. Clinicians are highly skilled beings that bring value to the patient experience beyond button pushing. They bring meaningful behaviours, empathy and the ability to provide care.

We've helped Elekta to start a movement to improve patients lives using smart thinking, design and technology.
  • Putting patients at the heart of the experience
  • Designing intuitive and effortless workflows
  • Building design muscle inside the organisation
  • Empowering clinicians to deliver great care

Our Approach

Discover the landscpae
A deep dive into Elekta's ecosystem. The people, products, services and customers that make the experience.
Define the experience
Creating a holistic treatment experience vision and a unique market-leading proposition.
Design the MVP
Tackling the complexity of the interface through user insight, creative thinking and bold new design.
Delivering value
Bringing the experience to life while empowering team to create a stronger design practice across the organisation.

Discovering the landscape

Kicking off a process of continous learnings

We started our process by immersing ourselves in Elekta as a business and building on existing knowledge and learnings. And we continued by shaping and developing an experience vision and journey with key signature moments, based on a deep understanding of Elekta customers, their motivations, needs and pain points.

Designing a patient-centred experience:
  • Patients (core of the experience)
  • Radiation Therapists (primary user)
  • Physicists and Dosimetrists (secondary user)
  • Radiation Oncologists (secondary user)

Defining the experience

We believe great care is all about empathy

To authentically enable great care, Elekta need to practice empathy. This means using empathy to imagine a world that's built around intuitive workflows and human care.

We created new experience vision and principles to drive Elekta’s core product development, the future needs to be the perfect balance of focused treatment with human factors of care.

“An empowering treatment experience that’s focused on the things that matter: the clinicians, their patients, and the machines that help them. Meaning more universal workflows, more personalised care, and smarter, simpler systems.”

Global Logistics Director
Think human
To give patients more personal care
Logistics planner
Make it universal
To create a familiar yet unique experience
Outbound manager
Keep it simple
To help clinicians apply their core skills
Inbound manager
Create assurance
To deliver treatments effortlessly

The holistic view

Mapping a shared perspective of the patient experience through collaboration across departments: design, development, operations and customer service.

Designing the MVP

From visionary to real in 50 days

We made the vision a reality by designing a product in 50 days – from user research to rigorous UX and a first look at UI. The work went through continuous design and technical feasibility reviews to while aiming high for a new and empathetic experience with memorable signature moments

Key milestones:
  • Qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Design of the functional steps of the workflow
  • Identification of the opportunities for evolution
  • Technical evaluation and integrations

First iteration

Bringing the experience to life throughout the treatment journey

Second iteration

Elevating the designs with a unique look and feel

Delivering value

The philosophy put into practice – connecting clinicians, patients, hardware and software with data with smart technology and design thinking

Our partnership not only focused on great storytelling and execution, but also building the design muscle within the organisation. We created hands-on tools for activating and empowering the design team.

We introduced:
  • New research and co-creation methods
  • Remote ways of working with teams across 4 timezones
  • New ways of using tools (i.e. Figma and Notion)
  • A toolkit of best practice, processes, and templates

Global Logistics Director
Organisation impact
A new shared vision with common goals and practices aligned across the organisation.
Logistics planner
Customer impact
A user-centred approach that’s super-charged by great technology – putting clinicians and patients at the core.
Outbound manager
Market impact
Progressive leadership, forging a new path to create advocates in customers and users.
Inbound manager
Patient impact
Improved treatment experiences and enhanced patient positivity levels.

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